Laboratory Miscellaneous Items
          Maryan have a large range of Lab Miscellaneous Items like various Lab Equipments, Water & Food analytics, Peptide & Organic Synthesis, Lab Water, BioMonitoring.

Key features of Lab Essentials :
Inorganic reagents of high purity such as salt, acid, caustics, volumetric solutions, buffers, reference materials for instrumental analysis and products for inorganic analysis.
Premium quality solvents for classic and instrumental analysis such as gas or liquid chromatography as well as for synthesis and production.
Basic products and specialty chemicals for organic synthesis.
Particulate and monolithic HPLC columns as well as thin layer plates for analytical chromatography.
Test systems and kits, indicator papers and spectral photometers for food, water & environmental analysis.
Fixation agents, dyes & complete test kits for microscopy.
Products for general laboratory requirements like liquid handling systems, glassware, electrochemistry & spectroscopy.
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